Huawei announces updates to its comprehensive mobile services system

 Huawei conference

During the Huawei 2020 Developer Conference (Together) today, Huawei announced some updates in the Huawei Comprehensive Mobile Services (HMS) system. During his opening speech entitled “Together, to innovate with Huawei’s comprehensive mobile services ecosystem,” Zhang Pingan, Head of Consumer Cloud Services at Huawei Consumer Business Group, highlighted the achievements of 2020, the most important of which is the availability of 1.8 million developers registered in the system, which is double the participation rate in 2019.

“Huawei’s comprehensive mobile service system has now become the third-largest in the world, and HMS core has made tremendous improvement thanks to Huawei’s teams that enabled us to achieve the impossible within one year,” said Zhang.

The AppGallery app store now houses 73,000 local apps, compared to just 6,000 last year, with 700 million users around the world. Local apps and services continue to be added daily, in line with AppGallery’s strategy of “global + local”, providing customers with a comprehensive all-scenario experience. The apps in AppGallery, the world's third-largest app store, were distributed 261 billion times from January to August 2020.

Zhang added: “Global sales of Huawei’s comprehensive mobile services system’s phones are growing at a tremendous speed since May of this year, and they have strong support from developers and partners, especially global consumers. Thanks to this, we invite more developers and partners to join us in order to spread your innovations by supporting our fully open potential and providing more benefit to more consumers. ”

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