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I hope that you like our website, and I would like to inform you of all the areas that our blog offers

the definition:

Android Eng is an electronic news website on the Internet that provides technology news in the English language and is interested in everything new in computer technologies, the Internet, communications, electronics, new equipment, software, digital security and networks, mobile phones, and their applications, news of technology companies and their activities, including exhibitions, conferences, presentations for consumers, articles and various technical studies.

Information Sources:

The site depends on what is published by news agencies, newspapers, magazines, television stations, and Arab and international news sites, through transmission, quotation, and translation in accordance with generally accepted journalistic standards, in addition to the articles, news and press releases it receives from several interested individuals and institutions

Site funding sources:

 The site depends on self-financing by its owner, to cover annual hosting expenses in addition to equipment and internet connection expenses, and participation in exhibitions, seminars, and conferences. 

A technical website where you will find different topics that interest you and everyone is looking for. We try through the site to offer you exclusive articles related to the Internet and some of the following areas :


 Android (apps-games)



 Pc software

 and more.